Want to allow multiple sites with bp and mu

I want users to be able to setup multiple sites on my bp mu enabled site. The default mu setup will allow this, a user can add additional sites from the dashboard. Right now with bp enabled on my mu site a user can not add an additional site from their dashboard. There is a link that says create new site, but when clicked (https://mydomain.com/wp-signup.php) it redirects to the homepage. My bp pages are all setup correct and a new user has no problem registering or setting up the initial site. Pulling my hair out and I don't have much left.


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    Hello Ken,

    Welcome to WPMUdev, I hope you're doing well today!

    I'm not a support admin but I'm very acquainted with WPMU and BPMU.

    I setup a subsite on your system and it seems to be working great but I have some questions for you.

    Do you want members to have their own SM communities?
    Did you setup a 'Sites' page?
    What other plugins are you currently running?

    I'm in the process of setting up a pretty high-end MS setup and there are a lot of variables to consider.

    I don't want to take away from support here but would be happy to help answer questions.

    There is a link that says create new site, but when clicked (https://vshops.com/wp-signup.php) it redirects to the homepage.

    With buddypress standard, your primary site will always be the default site for creating sites and managing user profile.

    If you want your members to create additional sites from their subsite this isn't possible.

    For your members profile to resolve on their site you need to add a line to your wp-config.php file. You can read more on that here... https://codex.buddypress.org/getting-started/customizing/bp_enable_multiblog/
    This can also create other questions, so make sure it fits what you're trying to accomplish.

    Can you in three or four sentences describe exactly how you want this to work for your end user?

    Other questions:
    Is BP enabled Network or site-by-site?

    All of these variables can effect the users experience.

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