Want to allow users to search custom database

Hi guys,

I’ve never done this before so looking for some guidance. A client of mine would like to build a website that aggregates product info and prices from various sources into a database. We then want to give users the ability to query this database (i.e. product name, price range, location, category, etcc…:wink: and display the results.

What is the best way you recommend for accomplishing this? The site will also have user profiles, account registration, review/ratings of products, and will be mobile friendly.

Can this type of thing be done with wordpress or buddy press or any of the plugins you provide?

Thank you also I may be looking to work with someone on this project so let me know if you are interested in helping out.

  • DavidM
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    Hi SphinxWeb and first off, welcome to WPMU DEV!

    There’s nothing I’m aware of so far as a single plugin that does specifically that, but I’ll mention this to some of the other guys over here to see if they might have some ideas on it.

    As far as I can see, it would involve a custom developed solution and would depend on the sites in question having some way to import the product data (likely via API or an RSS feed).

    I would say you could perhaps pull all the content into a custom post type you create, perhaps using CustomPress, and you could then query that custom post type’s fields, such as price, etc.

    The issue I see with that though, is that once the content is pulled, it wouldn’t be automatically updated. You’d need a rather extensive custom developed solution for that.

    For user profiles, BuddyPress provides the most extensive profile setup and configuration I know of. Plus, it does a great job of bringing everything to the front-end so users won’t have to see the back-end of your site.


  • Mason
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    Yeah, we’d need a bit more info to give specific advice. As David mentions it greatly depends on how the information is published. An RSS Feed or API would be best – even a Google alert to RSS and then pulled in via Autoblog might get the job done.

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