Want to create a site kind of like netflix, but where members borrow items from each other.

Looking to create a site, probably a membership site, where members can either “borrow” or “buy” used items from each other. Idea is that it would function kind of like Netflix, but where the “inventory” of items was actually owned by the members, not netflix.

The web site would then be the coordinator / middleman.

Need several new functions for that, and I don’t think just MarketPress alone can do it, but please tell me if I’m wrong… Would like functions of:

– Members could post Products they have, but not in their own site, just in main site (only need one inventory)

– Members could post products WITHOUT having to use WordPress backend, just click a “post a product” button and fill out a form.

– Then for orders that come in, web site admin would coordinate sending shipping materials out, tracking shipments, etc.

– Would like for members who buy something NOT to know what member it came from.

All advice appreciated!

If this is not possible without custom programming, can you give me an idea who / how to inquire more about that?