Want to Hide Path to Pay Per View Audio File

So now that I have this "working" and can see PPV hide the content and then show it once I'm returned to that purchase page from PayPal, I am surprised that once the content is shown, I can see the full path to the MP3 file I am selling as PPV. How is this going to be a pay-per-view if the person can merely open the link to the content, bookmark that link and come back? Is there something else I need to enable? Is this due to sandbox testing?

The way this is working now, it's merely a purchase this audio link forever scenario.

  • Vaughan

    Hi Kristi,

    Hope you're well?

    This is not the plugin that is doing this and the plugin wasn't designed to hide paths, it just prevents the content from being displayed. The wordpress core doesn't have any functions itself to hide the path.

    You could use membership 2 plugin in conjunction and enable the media protection add-on in membership 2.

    This will allow membership 2 to hide the real path of media that is uploaded via the wp media uploader, so the actualpath is then obfuscated & not revealed.

    Note, it will not protect files that you upload to the uploads folder manually and then post the URL, it can only protect files that have been uploaded via the mediauploader itself.


    Hope this helps

  • Kristi

    I am trying to sell multiple MP3s on a ppv basis. I do not want someone to pay a price and be able to listen to all of them. Does the path you are suggesting allow that?

    Are you saying I would use MEMBERSHIP 2 and PPV or just Membership2. If it is the latter, I would like a refund on the ppv and transfer my account to Membership 2.

    If I cannot truly offer Pay Per View/Listen that I am seeking with any of these plug ins, I should probably just get the refund. :slight_frown:

  • Vaughan


    PPV just hides content, so it will just not display that content until paid.

    Membership 2 can obfuscate & hide the realpath on the server. However, the link would be the same, and a user could still bookmark the URL, ideally to do what you ask would mean they would have to become members of the site & then you could prevent guests/visitors from downloading.

    But the one time view option in PPV does not require registration, so i'm not sure this could work the way you want.

    another alternative, is to use marketpress to sell the MP3's as digital downloads. You can set the amount of times a product can be downloaded after purchase. So if you set this to 1 only, then a person can only download the mp3 once only, then if they lose that mp3 file somehow, they would have to purchase it again to download it.

    Hope this helps

  • Kristi

    Here is an image with 3 screen shots of my installation (basically 3 screen shots in one frame). Top portion is intial landing with PPV button; Middle with interim Paypal Permission; and bottom with the WONDERFUL File (I've just had a small test file in there at the time of screen shots). File Away plugin that lets you embed youtube, jpgs, mp3s, whatever in a player. Download path to whatever your file is can be provided if you want as an option ... I've obscured it since that's why I found this one :slight_smile: Developer, Thom Stark, is a nice person, too!

    Gotta love the Internet and being able to find great results to a search! Would have loved to have not spent the last few days on this, though. I know this will help someone else.

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