Want to hire help for Membership Plugin

I have installed the Membership plugin --- a fantastic plugin!

I have all the membership levels in place, but I have run into an obstacle getting the registration page to appear even with the shortcode in place on that page. My dilemma is a time issue and I don't have the time to design and layout the registration page like I want it with the plugin out and was hoping you could:

1. Problem solve the registration page to get it to appear.
2. Get my registration page to look and feel like this site: http://tutsplus.com/
3. Show me online how this membership system works.

I am eager to hire anyone who is qualified and interested in doing this quick project. If yes, I will provide you with the login info to my site. I would need it completed no later than Monday evening. Just reply or email me at jeff@ascendworks.com. Thank you.

Jeff Payne