Want to reactivate Membership, but without old settings.

I want to reactivate Membership, however I do not want the settings I had selected prior to disabling the plugin. I believe I had somehow created a situation in which I lost my own admin privileges in Membership prior to disabling all of my plugins and reinstalling WP. My goal is to reactive, but to be able to start setting up access and membership levels from scratch. Any advice would be most welcome.

  • Robert
    • Flash Drive

    Thanks Ari,
    I was able to use phpMyAdmin to drop the wp_m tables and then reinstall the plugin. So that bit it fine. Unfortunately however once I reactivated the plugin it seems unable to create the relevant tables in my database. I am unable (for example) to create an access or subscription level within the plugin settings. Each time I try to create a “free user” access level, once finished I am left with nothing. Should a try downloading a completely fresh copy of membership and installing it? I ran a check on my database and it appears to be in good shape. I’m not much of DB expert, but I’m hoping I wont have to create new tables from scratch in order to use Membership.
    Thanks for any advice.
    Robert Miller

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