Want to "Republish to Facebook"? Here's how

If you are using the Ultimate Facebook plugin and you publish a post on Facebook and the realize, “OOPS!!! I made a mistake.” and you want to correct the mistake, you may be in for a surprise. Yes, you can delete the post on Facebook, but the plugin does not allow you to “republish” the same post to Facebook once it’s been posted. Actually, by default, that’s probably a good thing because you wouldn’t want to post it everytime you made a minor correction. But, if the correction was major (such as correcting a date, or the spelling of a person’s name), you will probably want to delete the post from Facebook and try to repost. UhOh, that can’t be done – well, not very simply.

You could, start a new post, retype everything (or copy and paste from the original post to the new on), but that involves several fields and you have to keep flip-flopping between two tabs on your browser to type/copy everything. And, if you miss something, then you have to go back and correct that as well.

Another option would be to install a post/page duplicating plugin (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/duplicate-post/) so that you can simply duplicate your post/page to a new post/page and then publish it. That’s pretty quick, but then you have to go back and delete the original post in your WP site. That’s not too hard, but it can be even simpler.

I use Navicat Premium for this, but you can just as easily use PHPMyAdmin and accomplish the same. Navigate to your MySQL database and find the table that ends in “postmeta”. Open the table and find the section relating to the Post ID for the post you are working with (you may need to sort the PostID column so that they are in order). One of the entries in the meta_key field will be labeled “wdfb_published_on_fb”. In the meta_value field you should see the value “1”. Change that value to “0” and save the changes. When you refresh your screen for the page/post in WP, you can navigate to the bottom of the screen and you will no longer see the indication that the page/post has been published to Facebook. Now, when you Save the post/page, it will post to Facebook again. Don’t forget to delete your errant post that was originally there.

I hope this helps someone save a few moments many times over. Let me know if this is of value to you. I’ll keep posting little snippets of tricks that I find useful if people think they are of value.

James Dunn

Athens, GA USA