Want to use two different login types with "Directory" plugin

Hi. I want to use two different login types with "Directory" plugin. One is for business to create and manage their own listings and the other is for consumers to save favorite blog posts, etc. I do not want consumers to be able to create or see any Directory Listings information from the logged in screen. I installed Buddypress as the consumer login, but they CAN see the listings information. They are given "subscriber" role when signed up. Even though I set the "role" in directory to subscriber as having no access to the listings (everything unchecked), consumers can can still see and access to create their own listings in the front end when they login. Is there a way to setup Buddypress or do you have another plugin that will allow two logins as I desire? Thanks very much in advance. The site under development is http://american-made-baby.com. Thanks in advance.