Wanted: Password Strength Enforcement for BuddyPress

I’m wondering if I’m the only BP admin hungry for a solution to enforce strong (or medium) passwords on the normal BuddyPress registration and change-password process. Google has taken me down a bunch of blind alleys, and I’ve tried a variety of methods to redirect logins to the standard WP login, but then we’re sending passwords via email which seems crazy as well; and then we're disengaging from the niceties of BuddyPress sign-up.

Of course the latest BuddyPress 2.1 has the strength meter, but that’s no guarantee the user will adhere to a medium/strong password. I’m also using one of the gold standard security plugins, iThemes Security Pro, and they were very quick to throw their hands up to say their plugin just doesn’t work with BuddyPress for password enforcement.

It's staggering to me that a single-character password is possible with BuddyPress!

Am I missing the boat somehow? Does a clean solution exist? Why wouldn't the BP developers foresee this issue this far into the version path?

Thanks to any who can offer insight or solutions. :slight_smile: