Wanted to Share a Lesson I learned from this Great Community

I wanted to share something I learned with the help of this wonderful and supportive WPMUDEV community.

It took me a long time to understand child themes, and why you need them, and how to do them.

Now, I understand it, it’s a way to customize your theme and protect it from overrides. That includes the css, and functions.php

So recently I started using Orbisius Child Theme plugin, and it’s been a huge help in understanding how to manage and care for child themes. It made it understandable for me.


I just wanted to share in case it might help others. It’s FREE.

There might be another, better plugin, so please let me know.

But this is a favorite so far. It both taught and helped me.

Now I can seamlessly customize my css, and functions and NOW I GET WHY YOU DO IT!!

Thanks everyone, especially Ari for all the help over the last year.

This is will be a permanent membership for me, and I have two new clients that need multisites and directories, and it’s all WPMUDEV.