Wanting member to be able to access dashboard of a membership subsite

I have a multisite, buddypress, pro site, configuration.

I have successfully created the main site and have active bloggers thru the pro site.

I have created a subsite, configured the visitor level and have tried unsuccessfully to do the 1 member level.

It is set up so that when the members are logged in to their site or the main site, they automatically have access to the content on this subsite.

However, I want them to have access to the dashboard to be able to create/edit/delete their own posts. I have tried every combination I can come up with in the access level to set this up. I have even gone into advanced and given their level author permissions.

And still no go.

I have created registration pages and try to register them, but, this doesn't work, because they are already members.

Please help. Thanks in advance! Linda @iempoweru

  • Ash

    Hello Linda

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    As you have membership and buddypress enabled and if you use BP registration page for user registration, then your user must buy a plan after his registration. Otherwise, s/he won't be able to access his dashboard.

    Would you please explain in which settings, you are having this problem? Please let me know. I will try to produce it in my end :slight_smile:


  • iempoweru

    @Ashok Did you register on the site yesterday?

    It is actually a bigger problem than I thought. I have something mis-configured and I can't figure out where.

    Biggest issue leads to the other one.

    I am using Studio theme for all of my admin sites - of which I have the main, and 2 additional ones.

    It used to be that I could log in from the buddypress community tab and that would activate my admin bar so that I could enter the network dashboard and then I could access all of my other sites.

    Now, I can't even get access to buddypress from the community tab. And the only way I can enter the site is by typing sitename/wp-admin.

    So, I need to get this fixed right away as I have people in right now trying to use it all.

    I have a test user/site that I am experimenting with and this one has the same problem logging in.

    This is far more important at the moment. Although, I think I will have my original question partially answered if I can resolve this.

    Thanks in advance. Linda

  • iempoweru

    @Ashok Ok, I am over the panic. I went through every plugin and checked all the settings. I got everything back to when I started. But, still the buddypress login takes me to home page with no admin bar. So, I went to community forums and found a note on the buddy press login redirect. It works perfectly. I set it to site activity, which reminds all my users that we work in a community. But, it also gives them their admin bar. Whew.

    Now to question that I started with.

    I have 3 admin sites - main site where people sign up, resource center and marketplace. The resource center and the marketplace are open to members and non-members I haven't started on the marketplace yet - still tying to get the resource center configured.

    I have membership installed on the resource center and a vistors level configured that works great.

    I can't get the members level to work right. I want them to be able to visit the site, access the protected content both for free. I have that configured just fine. But, I also want them to be able to write, edit and delete their own posts for free.

    I have a free registration page for them, but, they are already members of the multisite, so this just tells them they are already logged in.

    I have tried repeatedly to configure the menu,submenu, dashboard sections of the level and still can't get an admin page and dashboard to appear.

    What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

  • Ash

    Hi there

    Would you please check with the default WP 2012 theme and disabling all other plugins? Also, as you have a test account, is it possible to share that with me so that I can check?

    And also, if it is an important project, you can create a test environment there we can play with?

    To send details, please use our contact form: https://premium.wpmudev.org/contact/

    Select: I have a different question
    Subject: Attn-Ash
    Details: Send all required details (admin info and/or ftp details) with a link of this thread, so that I can track.
    Also post a note here once you send the info.

    Please let me know. I will be happy to take a look :slight_smile:


  • iempoweru

    @Ashok Thank you for your time on this. This afternoon I removed the membership plugin from the subsite I have been having trouble with. I completely started over, with the membership manual open.

    I don't know what I did differently, but, it worked this time. Whew.

    I have had a membership plugin on my other site. Part of the problem is in overlaying the logic of this new one onto the new site, and letting go of the logic of the other one at the same time.

    Sorry to waste your time. Linda

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