WARNING/Beginner: When a subscription is created, can the landing page for that subscriber be a pers

Once someone subscribes, the idea is to permit access to only subscribers of another subscribers personal page. The video describes an account page which tells of the account settings which is different than a page one wishes for others to view.

  • Patrick

    Hi @cgcristo

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    Whoops, looks like your title was too long and got cut off.

    If you mean to say you want users to be able to access the account page of other users, then the answer is no, that is not possible by default. And it shouldn't be, as that page can be edited by the user to change their account information.

    However, you can create a page (or pages) with content that dynamically changes according to the access level the subscriber is on using access level shortcodes.

    For example, let's say you have 3 subscription plans with different access levels. The following would offer different content depending on the access level of the user viewing the page:

    ...Content viewable only by users on Level 1 Access...
    ...Content viewable only by users on Level 2 Access...
    ...Content viewable only by users on Level 3 Access...

    The access level shortcodes are generated automatically by the plugin for each access level you create, and can be found next to each access level (screenshot)

  • cgcristo

    Pardon my ignorance and inability to comprehend wp-speak (I'm new at this).

    I do not want anyone to have access to another person's account page. But I don't think a member needs to always go to the account page when he logs in. I was hoping that each member could have a profile-style page that is available to others in his community- hence a landing page. This page would need some way to link to the account/subscription page but not be a landing page.

    Our site will have parish communities that we want to get to know each other and interface within the community. These profile pages would not be available to 'visitors'- only subscribers.

  • Patrick

    Hi again @cgcristo

    Sorry for the delay. Yes, we are very busy these days with hundreds of new members (no kidding!).

    I think I understand a bit better now; thanks for the clarification.

    What you describe seems to be ideally suited to BuddyPress:

    BuddyPress is advertised as "social networking in a box" and that's pretty much what it is. It includes several modules that you can enable individually to enhance the community features as needed (1st screenshot).

    The first module, Extended Profiles, automatically creates a detailed profile page for each member (2nd screenshot)

    However, privacy has never been a default feature of BuddyPress (although it should have been IMO). But no worries, there is a brilliant site called BuddyDev that specializes in BuddyPress and they have created a fabulous plugin for that:

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