Warrior Plus payment gateway for membership plugin

Hi WPMUdev members!

I'm a member of the Warrior Forum dedicated to Internet Marketers and think I'm not the only one here at WPMU Dev, the reason I'm saying this is that I would like to have a Gateway written for the Membership plugin that will integrate with the Warrior Plus sales and delivery system.

The Warrior Plus sales system works with PayPal and creates member username and password...

If anyone is interested either WPMU Staff or WPMU dev members like me I can provide some php scripts working with a WP theme that can easily be used to make this gateway for the membership plugin,,,

Any +1's on this?

  • edealsbiz
    • Flash Drive

    @Timothy : Warrior Forum: http://www.warriorforum.com
    Warrior Plus: http://www.warriorplus.com

    In short, the Warrior Plus offers a sales and delivery funnel to make WSO's (Warrior Special Offers) which are special offers at discount prices mainly to test software before selling them through other systems like Clickbank...but nowadays a lot of internet marketers just sell their software and other stuff through the Warrior Plus sales system which has an affiliate system, dimesell option, delivery system manages memberships...it's pretty neat infact.

    The sales system works with PayPal. When a customer clicks on the buy button he's sent to PayPal to make the payment. than the info is sent automatically to Warrior Plus, a download page is generated which can include member information like username and password and with a script can create a WordPress account automatically. This is where I would like to get a Gateway created for the membership plugin....

    If interested I can give more detailed information.

    Thanks for your post, hoping to get this done :slight_smile:!

  • Timothy Bowers
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey again.

    Ahh I see, its not something I would personally use but I see the potential it has and why people would want to.

    Anyone else after this? Lets see if we can get some +1s going. :slight_smile:

    I'll tag Barry in on this as well, so he is aware of your request. :slight_smile:

    Take care.

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