way to autopost "Posts" to FB page as post, not link to page

I have watched the tutorial video, and could not grasp the info needed to make my wordpress posts appear on my FB page, or this plugin is not able to do that?
I assembled a test account and test site to check the functionality of the plugin before it goes public, and it did fine to autopost to FB page, but it treats them as different objects (crates a link to wbpage post). As you can see from the question above, I would like this plugin to publish a complete post to my FB page and not the link to my webpage. Can this be done? The main point is the commenting system, I want the comments from the website to appear on the FB page as well and vice-versa. In current setup, I can import comments manually, and it imported a comment to my theme but under wordpress comments, not facebook comments.
I think this can be complicated to understand... so I will try simpler:
Web page should be = FB page regarding the posts and comments. What is on the webpage, should be mirrored to the FB page.
You can check my test setup here:

And when I am commenting on web page, it asks me if I want to post to FB also, how can I make that option required?

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Benjamin,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    I know exactly what you mean, it's been asked before and the reason it works like this is actually due to a Facebook API restriction :slight_frown: our developer looked into it and it's not possible to import the comments straight into the FB comments on the post. Not yet anyway, which is why we imported them to WP comments instead.

    As for forcing people to post to FB, again that's another FB restriction we don't have control over. We bring in their comment system using the API - we can't make edits to their comment system. They likely want to allow their users the option of posting or not for privacy reasons.

    Apparently I have somehow disabled the posts on that FB page so only I can view them, although on FB says post i Public, you will probably not see it (how can I change that)?

    I can see "test" post fine :slight_smile:

    I know the above doesn't help very much, but if FB does ever make this possible to import comments into the comments on the page then of course we'll update the plugin to allow for it.

    Any further questions just let us know.


  • Benjamin

    Actually, I have 3 total posts on FB, 2 of them only I can see...
    On the topic, wouldnt commenting be automatic if the WP post and FB page post were not treated separately? It makes sense to me that FB does not allow inserting comments like that since they are in fact different objects. Comments on webpage post are comments about that post, and the comments on fb page are comments about link to web post...see where am I going? Web post should be equal to FB post so they could share comments, can you ask your developer to look into that? Maybe it could work other way around, meaning if you make a FB page post, the plugin can generate wordpress post from that?(doing it manually through backend wouldn't be a problem)

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Benjamin,

    Perhaps I don't know exactly what you were asking in the first place. Sorry about that.

    Just to be clear here, so you're wanting to auto post the content of your post to Facebook instead of the link to your WP post? and then have comments mirrored on both sides?

    Our plugin can autopost to an FB page or your own personal profile, it includes the title or title of your choosing and the link box with excerpt but you're wanting the above instead?

    Comments on webpage post are comments about that post, and the comments on fb page are comments about link to web post...see where am I going? Web post should be equal to FB post so they could share comments, can you ask your developer to look into that?

    I'll ask our developer about this for you :slight_smile: they are linked in the sense that the WP post is related to the FB post - that's how it knows which comments to pull into the WP comments. We'll see if it's possible to allow what you're after here.

    Keep in mind, developers have a lot of other responsibilities so their responses may be a little slower than normal.

    In the meantime, let us know if you have any further questions.


  • Benjamin

    Yup, that is exactly what I am saying :slight_smile:
    It can prove to be helpful to other members too, since they will have a way to integrate comments both ways if that is a must. Even Facebook itself allows embedding of the FB Page post to web,
    they just don't offer the view of the comments or comments themselves, so you have to go to facebook in order to leave a comment. Having this functionality added to your plugin would sure increase its value, and with time this could evolve to something even more useful. It is just incredible that we are here, in 2015; everyone uses facebook, and we are not able to mirror our fb posts to webpages.
    I dont think there is a need for both the webpage and fb page to have their own comments (if they are linking to each other), and integrating these two into one should be the right path in future. There are probably a lot of people who would trade AUTOpost for more control, if this feature cant be done that way, but if you lose that you gain lesser maintenance of the posts/comments since you dont have to monitor both platforms.

    I am looking forward for your developers answer :slight_smile:

  • Umesh Kumar

    Hi @Benjamin,

    The embed option facebook provides is not very nice, for e.g.here is how it'll look:

    Also, embeds are basically iFrame, which means no SEO, the only SEO would be through facebook, and the comments are still not visible.

    About using the fb comments only, there is no direct linking, autopost to fb, posts the Title, a short description and a featured image (optional), with a link back to original post. Currently AFAIK, facebook doesn't have any plugin that allows comments made over that link to be shown directly.

    Somehow the facebook comment plugin and the facebook comments over a post works independently and doesn't allows mutual syncing, which is why we are limited over here.

    Although, if you stumble upon something related to it, I'd love to have a look into it.


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