[wdfb_events] issue

im trying to figure the shortcodes out for ultimate facebook, i have a page setup called upcoming events

on that page I put

[wdfb_events for=”118889608181973″ starting_from=”2011-01-11″ show_location=”true” show_end_date=”true” order=”desc”]We currently do not have any upcoming Events[/wdfb_events]

but it does not show the events which are pasted on fb.

https://graph.facebook.com/118889608181973 shows the info about the fb page so i know the ID# of that fb page is correct.

http://pvhsociety.ca/home/coming-events/ is the page they should echo on from facebook


the events there are over, dating back to jan 11th 2011

and being that there are no current events or future events it should at least echo “We currently do not have any upcoming Events”

when i go into ultimate fb error log it shows

November 15, 2012 12:59 am admin post_on_facebook exception OAuthException: Error validating application. Application has been deleted

in the settings the fb api settings are all validated and working. So not sure whats causing the issue