We are developing a new site and I need help on which plugins are best for that

I'm not sure if this is where I should be asking this, but I have not taken advantage much of the support here in the past couple of years so not sure of the protocol~

We may have a new client who needs a simple website that does the following:
1) Available in English and Simplified Chinese
2) Users register for free and have a basic user area where they can change their own details. The user area should *not* look like the wp-admin area -- it should have the same theme as the website and not look like WordPress is on the backend.
3) If users pay, they can submit content on the website in the form of an article. The user will add the title, body, and other fields of content.
4) All posting of articles will be made pending the main site admin's authorization. So there is some content flow before posting.

That is basically the general idea. I am thinking of combining CustomPress with Membership to do this. But I'm not sure if there are better alternatives or ways to efficiently do this. Any thoughts?