we are in the process of putting together a site which


we are in the process of putting together a site which potentially a few users will have names which use an apostrophe or single quote due to their geographical location ie. O'Connor

this appears to be an issue sometimes when people's names or their email address contains these and we can't get them registered as part of their username. is there an issue with how the plugin reads this?

thanks in advance


  • Alexander

    Hi @Rob,

    Membership uses the WordPress registration and user system that is built in. There are pretty strict rules on what characters can be used in a username, and quotes/apostrophes aren't allowed in emails anyway.

    The best way to to this would be to choose a username that is simply alphanumeric, but then edit the user's profile and add a "Display Name" This is a label WordPress provides to allow you to change how the username is shown on the site. This way you can be a bit more free to use other characters.

    Best regards,

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