We are new to WordPress, and subscribed to WMPUDev to help

We are new to WordPress, and subscribed to WMPUDev to help us build a new website. I have reviewed your themes, and find the offering overwhelming and difficult to evaluate with our low level of familiarity. Let me briefly detail what our planned functionality is for the site, and if you could point me to themes that should work for us, that will save us frustrating trial and error.

• website for a civic association (quasi town government).
• membership engine plugin (for subscription rev collection, content management)
• homepage with customizable nav bar, banner, features, rotating photos (changed periodically) and perhaps first line of select latest posts in key blogs on site.
• community calendar, allowing us to post events
• from home page - access to static portal page for Public, Members, Volunteers, and Officers.
• each portal page might have an explanation of the page, a list of resources (probably links to static pages or pdfs), and a list of blogs they are permissioned to see (we will have a blog for each committee/initiative area as a way to post news and updates). There would also be some standard non-portal pages like "Who are we?" and "Contact Us"
• we need to collect member profile info that includes name, address, phone, and email (for individual members), and for family members 2 names (adults), 2 phones, 2 emails and the address.
• I don't think we want to use BuddyPress features, unless it is necessary to collect the member profile info above.
• We have Twitter, FB, LinkedIn accounts - so some social integration would be nice to have.
• We probably will not want public to do more than post onto existing blogs. We are not looking to create a social or networking site.
• Aesthetically, we lean more toward the modern, clean, professional, classy rather than the folksy, or cute

Happy to answer any other questions. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

  • Alexander

    Hi @gfcawebmaster,

    To be honest, there's no tried and true method for any of this, nor a way to make a perfect recommendation on what to do here.

    Some ideas:

    To start, you'll want to select a theme that fits the visual feel you wish to have for your site. The customizable navbar, and image slider would usually be part of the theme, as those are more visual elements. We've done many theme reviews on our blog. Based on your description above, you might want to check out these: https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/35-awesome-wordpress-slider-themes/

    Next, you should start adding plugins. The fewer the better, as the more you add, the more complicated things get, and it's usually best to keep things simple.

    Membership would help with the premium content: https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/membership/

    Events+ would be great for your Calendar: https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/events-plus/

    Membership doesn't support custom profile fields yet, but if you added BuddyPress you could have those fields added to the registration page.

    The portals could just be WordPress pages protected by Membership.

    Overall, seems like you've got quite a large project here, so there really isn't a way to avoid trial and error. There are billions of combinations of how things can play out, so you'll just need to put things together and find the best way for you. All of our plugins have documentation to assist with this

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