We are using Paypal Payments Standard Gateway for


We are using Paypal Payments Standard Gateway for Membership Pro. We have a Standard account with PayPal for taking payments.

I didn't realized that this gateway would require that subscribers have a PayPal account (or create one as they checkout). I falsely assumed that the registrants would be able to choose "Credit Card" through the PayPal gateway as I've seen on many sites.

So investigating PayPal account options, I see that we can upgrade to a PayPal Advanced account for a mere $5/monthly.

1. If I step up to PayPal Advanced, will my payment gateway continue to work?

2. If not, what gateway might work well to accommodate non-PayPal credit card transactions?

3. If #2 above is required, how will our "Subscribe" steps handle having two gateway options - does the registrant choose which one to use during sign up?

Thank you for your support!