We have a couple


We have a couple of multisite wordpress sites that we use for franchise systems that have 150+ sites associated with them. Is there’s a way now to get a snapshot of all blogs at once?

We would not effectively be able to install it on each site and schedule them all at different times etc to reduce server load.

What do you recommend in this case?


  • Vaughan

    Hi Kregg,

    Hope you're well?

    I'm afraid not, it is on the features list, but it's not complete. Currently the managed backups feature with our cloud backup service will snapshot the whole multisite, but it is in beta and there is a 10GB limit (in my opinion 10GB is way too low a limit, but maybe that will be increased eventually when the managed backups are out of beta and more stable)

    But you may have other issues with 150+ sites, as backup plugins can tend to fail on large sites due to various reasons related to the servers and hosting.

    Personally I find setting up automatic backups via the servers CPanel to be the best route & has been the way i've done it for years.

    Other options maybe backupbuddy (though their multisite backup is still experimental i think)


    Hope this helps

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