We have a LIVE APP ID, but the "checkout" process goes in a loop…

I didn’t want to post this topic again, but….

a) couldn’t figure out how to keep the conversation going on the question I already started – there was no “reply” or “update” button on the thread

b) we need this fixed asap, because we’re trying to go live this Monday and expect to be moving about 100k through this plugin each month. So this is critical for us.

Here’s the original thread:


Here’s where you can go to see the behavior:


Feel free to delete this thread or merge or whatever needs to be done.

Thank you.

  • Michael Bissett
    • Recruit

    Hey @peter van Gorder! :slight_smile:

    In regards the issues you had responding to your other thread, you can visit the home page here:


    And log in via the “Sign In” box on the upper right of the site. You should be able to post a reply on your thread then. :slight_smile:

    Let’s take the Fundraising discussion back over to your other thread, I’ll be closing this thread here, so that we’re not splitting our efforts to assist you.

    Thanks for your understanding! :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,


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