We have a merketing site at www.AAA.com and we wish

We have a merketing site at http://www.AAA.com and we wish to setup http://www.AFFILIATE-aaa.com with Affiliateplugin. how can this work with tracking and link throughs etc.

We want to keep affiliate site separate from marketing site.

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    Hi @taimur_khan,

    I'm not quite sure I understand this, but you want to track all clicks that take users to the affliate site but originate from the marketing site?

    If this is the case, you'll need to create a user account on the site that is the final destination for users. This is also where you'll need affiliates installed. Then you'll need to setup affiliates for that user, and under "Affiliate Advanced Settings" you can place the URL of your marketing site.

    Anyone that is sent from the marketing site over to the main site will be tracked. You can create multiple marketing sites this way, and know exactly which users are coming from which sites.

    Best regards

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    ok sorry i think i need to be bit more carefull about how i phrase my questions.

    so let me explain this: we ahve a site called http://www.MyAffiliates.com, this is where our affiliates register, get the banners and links.

    all the banners and links point to http://www.marketing.com this is where all the visitors are diverted.

    from http://www.marketing.com site the visitors can register for our product at http://www.product.com.

    At http://www.product.com we look at the session and cookie information and if the visitor has paid for the product we send a api call to mark a credit paid for that affiliate at http://www.MYAffiliate.com

    the only site with affiliates plugin installed is http://www.MYAffiliates.com.

    the other two sites can make api/curl calls to http://www.MYAffiliates.com with necessary data when a sale is completed.

    Hope this makes a better understanding of my needs here.



  • Alexander
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    Hi @taimur_khan,

    I'm sorry, this wouldn't be possible with our affiliates plugin. The affiliates will need to signup at the actual marketing site. They will need to have user accounts there, and will need to configure their affiliate settings and enter their PayPal email address.

    Best regards,

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