We have a wordpress multi site installation with 1 parent

We have a wordpress multi site installation with 1 parent and 2 child sites, Domain Mapping plugin installed and working terrifically. We would like to design a user experience where the following workflow occurs:

1. The Super Admin creates a new Wordpress user manually and delegates access to a child and parent site
2. The user logs into a membership page on a child site
3. The user clicks links on the child site membership page that lead to membership pages residing on the parent site
4. The user is NOT prompted to log in the parent site and can seamlessly traverse from child to parent site without being prompted a second time to login

Please let us know the combination of multi site settings to accomplish this user experience. We are considering enabling 'Cross-domain autologin' but want to know if there are any risks, precautions, or side effects when changing the setting.

-Is there a wait time for the setting to take effect?
-Do all usersadministrators need to be logged off when changing the setting?
-Is there a change made to local DNS cache when the setting is changed?

FYI, here are our settings from Network Admin > Settings > Domain Mapping:
Administration mapping: mapped domain
Login Mapping: domain entered by the user
Cross-domain autologin: No
Verify domain's DNS settings: Yes

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    Hi there @Wholistic Atlas

    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard!

    Wow, that's quite a laundry list of questions! :slight_smile:

    Let's see if we can make the whole thing simpler, shall we?

    As long as the user is added to both sites with the same username & password, you should be fine. But Cross-domain autologin should be enabled so users don't have to login again when they switch sites.

    There is no wait time or DNS progation at all. Simply switch the settings, and go!

    However, when the user logs into the child-site, they will likely be redirected to the main site anyway (that's just how WordPress works).

    You can tweak that behavior to some extent using a fabulous plugin called Peter's Login Redirect. It's kinfs the de-facto go-to for issues like this:

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