We installed this plugin for one of our website and below


We installed this plugin for one of our website and below i have the list of issues with this plugin.

1) When user logins to the site with their username and password they can add their business listing but at that moment they are not able to upload the image on front user side and there is no error appearing so there is no way to identify the issue.

2) On my site i want that a user who list their business in the directory they can upload multiple images of their business for example 3 images for now with their listing.. so is there any plugin or solution that you would suggest that would serve my requirement. I need it for both admin and front user side.

3) Is there any way where i can have directory search option with sorting of business name, category or other custom fields with which user would be able to search the directory.

4) The custom press plugin in that you have just provided the facility of text but what i can do if i want to have a link?

5) The front side editor is not working when user add a new list. is there any setting to be done? or any solution that you suggest.

  • Elliott Bristow

    Hi @tommy_leung1,

    Welcome to the forums!

    Lets try and look at these issues one-by-one shall we.

    1) Can you confirm your capabilities settings in the Listings > Settings menu on the Capabilities tab. Select the role of the user who is having difficulties (I suspect "Subscriber") and let us know which boxes are ticked. We can use those details to run some test to see if there is any bug with a particular combination of capabilities.

    2) The plugin uses a front end editor which contains an "Add Media" button. Your users should be able to use this to add as many images as they wish to their listing. They can only add one "Featured Image", but they can add others to the body of their listing if required.

    3) Unfortunately this plugin uses the default WordPress search feature which is very limited in its capabilities. To add sort and filter options would require some fairly hefty custom coding. You might want to try listing this as a job on our job board at https://premium.wpmudev.org/wpmu-jobs to see if one of our community developers might be able to assist you with that?

    4) I'm not really sure I understand what you are asking here. You can add links to listings using the text editor. Are you trying to add a custom field that contains a link? If so you should be able to use ordinary HTML markup (Link Anchor Text). If I've missed the point, I apologise. Please rephrase the question and I'll try again!

    5) When you say it's "not working", what's not working? Does it not appear, or is there a button or input you can't use?

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