We may be having problems with our Subscription mailing list.

It's been reported to me that some of our subscribers were not getting their daily digests from our site. I personally have been receiving them as expected, so my first assumption was that this may be user error or they're filtering their digests to spam.

However, upon inspection, there's a few oddities with the plug-in that I'm hoping your team might be able to help us with.

1) The specific users who mentioned they ceased receiving email digests were sure enough missing from our mailing list of subscribers. In the email logs, however, their emails DO appear to have once been there. I've since added them back manually.

2) I'm not sure how to interpret the email logs for this plug in but there appears to be 781 pages (11,700+ items) of logs over the past 31 days that are all marked "pending". And what's further curious is that the logs originally listing 472 recipients somehow changed to 0 maybe about 20 days out and has been since.

It seems to be something indicating a problem....but yet not all our subscribers are reporting issues

Any light you can shed on this situation would be appreciated.