We need special functions for the plugin, can you customize it a bit?

thank you for your great software. It's working fine, but we need one thing for our client he really needs.
Is it possible, that you add something to your plugin? And how much would it be?

What we need is:
You can select complete days in the Exceptions Settings, that won't be able to chose. We need to declare only some hours of a day as inactive, so that you can chose the date and then the time from when to when it is closed.
We can do it now by booking all the dates, where a half day is closed, hand by hand, one by one. But that is a lot of work.

Do you know what I mean and can you help us with that?

And another Question is:
When I insert a Checkbox, in the confirmation E-Mail it just says "1" when you chose to click the checkbox. When not, it's just empty.
Can I insert a "Yes" and "No" there?

Thank you very much.
Best regards,