We received a webstore order that did not include pertinent info

We received a webstore order for one digital download and one physical product. We had the following problems:

- Sate Taxes were not added on to the order
- Postage and Handling was not added for the physical product (we use a table rate)
We did not receive an automatic notification of the order.
- The customer's name, email, and postal address did not appear on the order (we were able to get the info from our PayPal account for the postal address, but not the email. We do not know if the customer received the digital download.)

I did a test by ordering the same products from my own computer. I got through the payment page with both shipping and taxes included. When I went to the checkout page, it posted an error message:
10413 - The totals of the cart item amounts do not match order amounts

I looked over all our store settings and didn't see anything that looked wrong.

Please help.
Thank you.