We recently purchased Events+. Our Upcoming Events Widget

We recently purchased Events+.

Our Upcoming Events Widget is not showing all of the upcoming events.

We are using BuddyPress: Group Events add-on, so all of the event scheduling is taking place on the Group Page.

I created a new test group, and then I scheduled 5 upcoming test events in a row, and the Upcoming Events Widget is only showing the first event scheduled.

I have enabled support access if needed.

Please advise!
Thank you

  • Karen

    Hello Sumit!
    Thanks for your help.

    I have tried clearing my cache and also checked this on another computer, but I still can only see the one event in the upcoming event widget.

    I think what may have happened for you is if you view the plugin as an admin, then you are able to see all of the events.

    All of our users will be subscribers, and the the screenshot I sent was from the view of a subscriber. Subscribers will only be able to see the events if they are a member of that particular group. Hope this helps!

  • Karen

    It looks like our subscribers are now able to view events in the upcoming events widget, so if that was you folks, then thank you! It looks great.

    However, there is just one thing now that I was wondering about.

    Say a user is a member of two groups - the Orange Group and the Blue Group.
    If that user is on the Blue Group page, then the upcoming events widget is still displaying Orange Group events. We would like each Group's events to only be accessible on that particular group's homepages.

    Is there someway that a user can be in two groups, but only see Blue Group events when they're on the Blue Group homepage and Orange Group events when they're on the Orange Group homepage, etc. ?

    Thank you so much for all your help so far!

  • Andre Foisy

    Hello there again @Karen, :slight_smile:

    Let's hope you are still having a great day.

    Well, about your last question here I really wonder why you would want to do that. BuddyPress is focused on the individual, and that individual is/can be member of one or several groups. It is not meant to focus on groups, with members in them.

    That said, our Events+ plugin has a great integration with BuddyPress and its groups management capabilities. So, as a member of several groups, with events in each one of them, it is an absolutely great feature that I can see all the events I'm involved in for each groups, while I browse among my groups.

    The group associated with the event is identified on the sidebar, and members can see all events they're involved in at a simple glance on the sidebar. Why would you want your members to navigate from a group to another see what event they should look at, for a specific group?

    I believe, If it was not done this way it could become quickly confusing for members. For example, they are on a group, they see the events for that group, and when they move to another group they do not see it anymore, yet they should as they are involved, and they might just think it's gone since they don't see it anymore.

    You certainly have your own very good reasons to have this feature removed, though I would recommend that you leave this feature as is, however if this is something that is absolutely required for you, it will need some custom programming, and that could be important. You can find out more about that by posting a request for a quote on our Jobs & Pro board.

    I hope that helps you see the light :wink:

    Do not hesitate to ask for more help when you need it.


  • Andre Foisy

    Hello there @Karen

    Do you know if it's possible to show the author's name next to each event in the Upcoming Events Widget?

    Again, that would also require some modification to the plugin's core files, so if ever you eventually get on that path, this is something you will want to take note and add to the quote request. The event's authors will appear on the event page however.

    Warm regards,

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