We subscribed recently to WMPU Dev for the Membership

We subscribed recently to WMPU Dev for the Membership module. Having viewed the tutorial videos and the pdf manual, I have a few unaddressed questions:
(1) is it possible to collect additional registration information, such as user mailing address and phone number? Husband and wife names and contact information as a couple? We are a civic association that needs this information.
(2) we want an auto-renewal option, but need to be able to change pricing year to year. Given limitations in some payment gateways, what is the best solution for this?
(3) we have 800 active members today. How might we best first establish them if we went with WPMU Dev's Membership? E.g. do you have an excel worksheet import function that can establish members?
(4) are there website templates that are recommended, or not recommended, for use with the Membership module? Any template selection criterion for use with Membership to be aware of?
Phil Pifer
Great Falls Citizens Assn (Great Falls, VA, USA)

  • Patrick

    Hiya @gfcawebmaster

    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard! And Happy New Year too! :slight_smile:

    Good list of questions. Let's see if we can find answers for you, shall we?

    1. Yes you can collect additional information during the registration process. But currently the only way to do that by using BuddyPress with its x-profile component enabled. The BP registration process is fully integrated with the Membership plugin.

    2. There is no easy way around those limitations. And for good reason I believe. An automatically renewing subscription is a contract for access at an agreed-upon price. Were users to find that their subscriptions had auto-renewed at a higher billing amount than originally agreed to, I doubt they would be very happy campers. :slight_smile:

    Personally, I would recommend notifying your users that prices may increase from time to time and, if/when that happens, their current subscription would expire and they would have the opportunity to re-subscribe at the new price.

    You would then simply create new subscription plans for your new pricing structure to which they can subscribe. Then set your old-price subscriptions to private so nobody else can subscribe to them.

    3. No, unfortunately, importing members and assigning subscriptions, access levels and payment gateways has not yet been integrated into the Membership plugin.

    However, it can be done by following the recommendations in this thread, and links to other posts in it:

    4. The theme used on a site would have no impact at all on the functionality of the Membership plugin as it simply serves to grant/restrict access to content on the site.

    I hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

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