Course structure modification

We would like to ask you if it is possible to modify course structure.
Let's imagine that I create "Present Simple" course. (we want to teach languages online). It is one course, inside the course we create units (imagine "Use of present simple") and we create pages (on the image you can see it as section 1,2,3 - we can presume it is "Basic use, use with prepositions and so on.")
Screen here:

And now, we would like to add Present Continous, it is one big block, so it should be like "Present Simple", in your course structure it is the name of new course. But we would like it in one course.
Here is screen how it should be viewed by users:

Basically, your structure is:

Name of the course
- course unit
--- sections of the unit
- course unit
--- sections of the unit

We would like to:
Name of the course (in this case not name, but main section)

Present Simple
- course unit
--- sections of the unit

Present Continuous
-course unit
--- sections of the unit

Hope it is understandable, please let me know if it is possible.
We know it would also affect unit page, like here:

Thanks in advance
best regards, Marian