Web Page Very Slow

What can I do speed up my website. It is very slow and people are leaving.
Can you help me implement any of the suggestions and which ones will I need to do myself.
Kind regards

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Jane,

    Hope you're doing well.

    Thanks for granting access to your site, I had a look at your settings and here are couple of suggestions that should help you with speeding up your site.

    In Hummingbird > Caching enable page caching, this will cache your pages resulting in better loading speeds and increased scores for time to first byte.

    In Hummingbird > Asset Optimization enable optimization to optimize your files.
    For best results use Advanced mode, just note that this process is not automated and you will need to configure optimization yourself because every site has unique file setup based on theme and plugins that are being used.
    Goal in Asset Optimization is to have as much options enabled as possible, without affecting your site functionality, because some files don't handle optimization well and will not work properly after being optimized.
    I would suggest enabling optimization options in bulk of 5 or 10 files and after each change clear the cache and check your site in order to confirm everything is working properly.

    Next thing that can be improved is image optimization, when I check your Smush settings I see that "Super-smush my images" and "Smush my original full size images" options are disabled, and for best optimization results you should use super-smush and include your full-size images in optimization as you are using full-sized images on your site.

    You should also enable CDN in Smush options which will allow you to autoresize your images so they will match the size of their HTML holders and you can also load WebP format in order to further improve image load times.

    Best regards,

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