Webpage background advice needed

So Im working on the background of my website trying to mesh colors and such... however I have run into troubles and need a small bit of advice if possible..

http://ezeshops.com/ is my website, for reference.

How do the pros out there pick colors for the background that match, is there a tool to make the textured background to the color you want, and what colors would you recommend for my site.

2nd ... I have a div for the header a div for the footer, and a body background.... is there a way to move that header background up slightly so its halfway in the menu without screwing up my shadow effects? Im guessing absolute positioning but figured id ask first

The biggest issue is the colors though, I suck at art and cant find a color combo that looks good that have a background texture that meshes well.


  • DavidM
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    Hi LCDist,

    I wouldn't consider myself a pro at these things but I've used a variety of tools that I think would be especially helpful here. For one thing, the following site, I think, is just incredible.

    It provides a way to easily select a color scheme to will look aesthetically pleasing and provides all the hex codes for those colors for you. Plus, the "light page example" and "dark page example" at the bottom right area of the page are just incredible for testing the color schemes in use.

    As for getting the image textures colored, I usually use an image editor (Paintshop Pro, as I don't have Photoshop), and create a layer, filling it with the color I want and use any of the layer color modes to sort of color the image in a non-destructive way. The free GIMP editor can do this too. Perhaps that might work for you?

    Using absolute position for that header adjustment sounds like the way to go, assuming I've understood you correctly. With that you could technically move it anywhere on the page.


  • LCDist
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    I did a bit of playin around... not sure if I like the top color change so did away with it for now... the bottom though I think may be ok.

    If you get a chance check it out my goal is for my site to be good lookng, and professional, but being that thsi is my first real site..

    You think Im accomplishing that the way its looking?

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