Webpage gives weird view if I use original PHp files Coursepress

Hi WPMUDEV-community,

I am back in a struggle with Coursepress again.. The problem is that when using Divi-theme the pages are styled by its PHP files.
However, I would like to have the functionalities of the Coursepress PHP as well..

If I add the original coursepress PHP file to my child the whole page goes haywire.. (see screenshot).

I think it has to do with the styling in the upper part of the PHP:

	<div id="primary" class="content-area">
	<main id="main" class="site-main" role="main">

Since i had this problem with the course page as well and got resolved by using this tags instead:

<div class="entry-content">
  <div class="et_pb_section  et_pb_section_0 et_pb_with_background et_section_regular">
    <div class=" et_pb_row et_pb_row_0 et_pb_row_fullwidth">
      <div class="et_pb_column et_pb_column_4_4  et_pb_column_0">

This code however does not work on the archive page :slight_frown:

Can you guys help me with getting the right format?

Kind regards,