Website admin hacked

Hi guys got a problem: my network admin and primary website admin are redirected to a external website:

Am in a bit of a state and wonder if someone can help me out here!

Already checked .htaccess, wp-config etc.etc. could find nothing. Called hosting company but they will have to call me back on account that they are closed for customers. (primary)



  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick


    That's no good. Sounds like it could be the result of a hack of some sort.

    Other areas to check would be your database. Check the siteurl and home entries in your wp_options table. Additionally checking wp_site and wp_blogs ro make sure your domain is entered correctly there would be a good idea.

    If all of those are correct and your .htaccess and wp-config are good then it's an issue with the server setup or some kind of hack outside of the standard WordPress install.

    Let us know what you find. Thanks.

  • Nick vd Veerdonk
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi Guys,

    I just received your replies, somehow the notification was a bit late this time. I truly love the sense of community here at WPMU DEV it feels really good knowing you guys have my back! However...

    I feel pretty stupid after half a day of hysteria and relentless searching, calling web hosting, pulling imaginary hair out, finally giving up and retiring to bed, and in bed after a few hours having a momentarily lapse of reason about the last change I made before it all went haywire.

    DNS changes. I changed the DNS settings to the CDN configuration and went to visit my sick sister. When I returned and the website was redirected I never thought about the DNS settings no more.

    So 15 minutes ago I got out of bed and decided to check, and whattayouknow.

    Pasted a URL over old URL and left the .com by accident. In my defense you have got to admit that the error that followed is a typical hack symptom, no?

    Anyways, thanks a bunch Dalton, Mason and Timothy, your OK by me and let nobody ever tell you otherwise.


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