Website is slow because of many HTTP redirects

One of my sites that is very slow, it seems to be having issues with doing lots of redirection before opening the requested page ;(

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    Hey there Neil,

    hope you're doing good today and don't mind me chimming in here! :slight_smile:

    I've inspected your multisite installation and noticed a large number of error messages in console log of Chrome's DevTools. These are about 404 messages (files not found) about many CSS and JS files.

    It seems that something isn't working good in your installation, and the proper way to carry on is to perform a basic troubleshooting, including a conflict test between plugins and themes that you're using.


    You could proceed with that in the main site, as it also generates these error messages.

    Concept here is to deactivate all plugins (network-wide activated and site specific), clear/deactivate all caches and check homepage again, probably using DevTools console to check for the reported messages.

    If these are gone, then activate plugins back one-by-one, checking each time console log, until you reproduce these, thus getting the conflicted combination.

    Here's a nice flow chart that could further assist you pinpointing this:

    If this isn't something that could be accomplished in your live site, I'd rather advise building a staging environment first, meaning an exact copy of this installation in another location in the same server (using the same set of plugins, themes and options). You could then just create a single subsite, and map a single domain, as Domain Mapping plugin can also interfere on this issue.

    Let us know about your results on this! :slight_smile:

    Take care,


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