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I had installed Hummingbird to speed up the site. I done the minification but it dont seems to be loading fast but getting slower. I have WP Total Cache installed as well but the first time load speed is awful.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Tsyr Churn!

    I checked your site and I noticed that you disabled Hummingbird. Since it's a live/production site I'm not sure if I can enable it to test performance so let me know about that please.

    I have also tested the site "as is" and it seems that there are two issues mainly slowing the site down:

    1. Big images
    2. "waiting time"

    As for #1.

    The images are not that big actually but it seems that some of them are resized with CSS so for example while the image container is around 370 pixels wide the image inside is 960 pixels wide. This is something that can be addressed "manually". For example: if you know that all your "featured images" for posts are no bigger than e.g. 500px try to upload only images that big for "Featured image" usage.

    As for #2.

    This usually means that either the the site is not responding fast enough or server resources are two low (e.g. number of concurrent db queries allowed) and its "queuing" queries in order to be able to handle them all. I'd suggest reviewing the theme and all the plugins first to see if it would be possible to simplify an entire setup while maintaining its feature. For example:

    - there's "AddToAny" plugin for social buttons but some of its features could be achieved with just a HTML/CSS code in child-theme (depending on what features are you using though)
    - there are two slider plugins; perhaps one could do the job?

    These plugins above are just example but it's just to show the idea :slight_smile: Usually some plugins could be either removed or replaced with either some code built into a child theme or simpler plugins that take less time to load.

    As for Hummingbird itself. It's not that it will instantly speed up your site by 100% but it may provide some nice improvements. It may however take some time to configure if you enable the "Minification" feature (which in my personal opinion is the most important one). I see that you are using WP Rocket's minification currently though so it would need to be a choice whether to use WP Rocket's or Hummingbird's tool because keeping them both enabled (minification feature, not plugins) can lead to conflicts and unexpected behaviors, including site being slowed down.

    Best regards,

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