Website loading time, DNS and rankings issue

Hi there.

Still on the same issue, done hummingbird, done all the test, done talking to my hosting company and still don't get the real results, although everything seems to point to the hosting provider. (X1)

Also refer to the screen shot from that seem to be the same for all my sites. "DNS" and "WAIT" sometimes is longer.

My hosting company claims the server responds within 30ms, but hummingbird stats shows 1.5 to 2seconds.

I have my main domain (going for years) and also run duplicate sites of this main domain on spare domains - part of my SEO. I noticed that the ranking of one particular "spare" domains always stands out above the rest.

I then realized that one of my "spare" domain that is performing particularly well is registered with a different hosting company, but point through the A records to the IP of the actual (re-seller) server it is on. (note, this is the only "spare" domain registered with another company)

Domain A
Register with X1 and run on the server of company X1

Domain B (Spare domain)
Register with X2 but points to server of company X1

For the past year I could never figure out why this specific "Spare" domain is performing so well. Most of them were registered at the same time.

Question: I noticed as per the screen shot that domain A always have DNS waiting time, not domain B that points directly to the IP address of the other server.

1. Does this mean that there is a issue with Company X1 DNS servers, causing the delay?
2. Could this affect my google rankings?

Two domains that can be tested if you want is: - Company X1 - Company X2