Website, Plugins, Themes Updater

Good Day,

I used for quite a while before I started to use the wpmudev updater more often. It's a great service, I really appreciate it. But I thought maybe I could send some feature suggestions.

Lock individual items for certain sites. For example a modified theme that I don't want to update or a plugin that I don't want to update to a new major version before the client agrees to pay for the work involved to adjust the new version to his theme. If I could simply select a theme or plugin as locked, I could still use the update everything functionality without having to worry about the locked items.

Update a certain plugin for all sites. But not all the other available updates. For example a security update for a plugin requires a quick update across all sites, while all other updates can wait for the regular update every two weeks.

And last but not least, a "check all sites now" feature would be nice. For example a new WP/Plugin version was released an hour ago, I want to make sure that all sites get the update, even if some of them have not been checked for updates within the last hour.

Thanks for all the great plugins and services