website slow down after downloading some plugins

After i install 37 plugins for my website, my website is so slow to open the web page and it is too slow to work even in the admin area. For my hosting i have unlimited database, traffic, disk space. Could this be virus in the plugin caused my website slow down. What do you think a bout this? You may have experience about this. If i know the reason, i can find away to solve it. Or if you know how, please guide me.

  • aecnu

    Greetings iamadreamer,

    Sorry to see that you are having a speed issue there and I would have to say that it is 99.9% sure it is your web hosting itself.

    For my hosting i have unlimited database, traffic, disk space.

    There is no such thing and every company that has claimed so I have busted for basically lying or with holding the truth or details. Host Gator says the same as you said here but instead they count your files, Blue Host claims the same here but they throttle the bandwidth to 15% of its capacity - it is all sales hype/rhetoric.

    A simple test of this theory, do they offer more then one hosting plan? If so then why do they have more then one plan if everything is unlimited?

    Lets check how much php memory they are allocating to your account - this may be a key item in this case.

    You can easily check that using the WP-Memory-Usage plugin

    For 37 plugins you need about 128MB

    At (not affiliated with WPMU DEV) this is set at 512MB

    Please advise as to how much php memory is allocated to your hosting plan and look forward to hearing from you in any event.

    Cheers, Joe

  • aecnu

    Greetings iamadreamer,

    Thank you for letting us know and the host is spot on with the memory setting, it looks great and directly comparable to what we use.

    But that does not make me still think it is not a hosting issue meaning their PHP is years behind (5.2.17 currently we are running 5.3.22) and therefore the server I am guessing is at least 4 years old probably making it a dual core at most.

    There are just a so many possibilities when dealing with hosting that we cannot see from the outside other then just being slow.

    Have you contacted the host and asked them what is up with this by any chance?

    You may want to try a caching scheme AFTER development is finished so it is not so slow but doing so during development is just asking for trouble and your head to be messed with.

    I admit there are many posts here and elsewhere that I slam on caching but on sub- modern standard hosting it does help folks speed up their sites a bit and it is my duty to help you if I can - the other option is to get a WordPress centered performance host ~or~ simply not use so many plugins of course.

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

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