Website stops working when installing plugins

Hello there,
I am writing to you as I, for the very first time, am attempting to start up a Multi-Site network.

This is for me to have a site for me, blogs + selling of my books (I am a self published author) and services (web design etc) + have a support system for my clients.

I recently purchased a subscription from you guys for your plugins and themes and have so far spent 12 hours today attempting to install them with no luck.

First of all your CoursePress Pro and Market Press (Course Press Bundle) fail to install on my system.

However the bigger issue is that I go through the WPMU Dev Dashboard, or downloading and uploading via FTP your plugins do not install.

After one-by-one installing your plugins this afternoon I go to plugins, click the button to select all, then click Network Activate and it stops with Fatal Errors etc.

I go through your Dashboard and click install on all of the plugins and it is the same thing.

I am attempting to get all of your addons installed so that I can play with them all and learn how to use them before opting on what is the best way to set up my site, and sites for potential clients.

Please help me as this is driving me mad, and I am going insane.

I live in Australia and its 2am - I have been working on this all day (since 10am - with breaks to make sure I don't smash my computer monitor).

Please if you can help me it would be greatly appreciated - considering the time I may take a while to respond but please try and get your products installed on my site - If you could get in and add them all and then click Network Activate you will see what I mean.