Website URL: Hi there.

Website URL:

Hi there.

I am pulling my hair out with this plugin. I have read the manual over and over, watched the tutorials and still no success.

Using the 3.4.5 yesterday, the site blocked content as I wanted but for some reason did not register after filling in the registration form and did not go to the Thank You page.

I spoke to Support, upgraded to 3.4.6.

I have uninstalled twice – via FTP and on WP. I have reinstalled but cannot get this plugin to work!

Please see my steps below:

1. Followed the Wizard

2. Created one level – VIP members

3. The Wizard created the Visitors level.

4. Subscription Plans:

VIP Membership Free Gateway. Access to selected content.

5. Placed permissions pages as per instructions. VIP get full access to all pages (Positive)

6. Placed permissions to selected pages for visitors – (Positive)

7. Subscription plans – set to indefinite as it is a FREE subscription that requires registration only.Price set at 0

8.General settings read as “stranger = Visitor| User registration VIP Members

9. Membership Pages all set

What am I doing wrong??? The website is fully accessible when I have logged out and used 4 other browsers.

The subscription page also reads as follows:

Your Subscriptions

Your current subscriptions are listed here. You can renew, cancel or upgrade your subscriptions by using the forms below.

Upgrade from


Upgrade from


As you can see there are two VIP memberships showing but I can only identify one page and nothing in the trash or drafts.

Also, it asks for an upgrade from – all I want it to say is subscribe or your are currently a subscriber.

Please look at my steps and see what I may have missed.

Many thanks