Websites NOT Blogs


I see a lot of references to Wordpress "blogs" hard-coded into the plugins. For example, the Easy Blogging plugin says.. "View your blog", etc.

Wordpress used to be primarily a blog platform. However, as you all know, today Wordpress can be used to run a full website.

I think references to "Blog" should be dropped and replaced with "Website" in the plugins.

  • hucknallite

    I agree with this. A blog is a content management system - a content management system for a website. A blog is a category of website. In many ways it is superior to a 'normal' website as the functionality is greater and yet it is easier for a non technical user. Despite this I think the image of the word blog in most peoples minds is inferior to the word website. Therefore from a marketing perspective it is better to use the word website rather than blog and don't think this is unethical or misleading.

  • drmike

    I think references to "Blog" should be dropped and replaced with "Website" in the plugins.

    Strong disagree. They've just renamed blogs to sites within wordpress from when they went from 2.9.2 to 3.x and it;s generating a lot of confusion on the support forums, even this one.

    They changed the names function calls as well from site admin to super admin which caused coding problems as well.

    Having said that though...

    Most of our mu installs market themselves as complete sites, not just a blog. With the simple press forums plugin and the CMS functions of wordpress that are built in (ie Pages) it's pretty much a site.

    I;ve gone and added the Concept tag to this thread since this is a theory discussion.

    They just need to stop f'ing around with the names. They seem to do it every other version.

  • Mason

    I agree that it is confusing for users, devs, everyone really when they do name changes.

    Depending on your setup or network use you may want "sites" or you may still want "blogs".

    To help keep things consistent for your users you could always use our Site Wide Text Change plugin to keep things in order in the admin section:

    It's pretty powerful and does a good job at what it's supposed to do. You can change all references to "blogs" (only in the admin) to "sites" and then any plugins that use the wrong term will be changed.

    Going forward, hopefully the term "sites" will stick, but as drmike pointed out some seem to enjoy changing up these terms from time to time which makes it most difficult ultimately on the end users.

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