We’ll have something VERY SPECIAL for you, it’s pretty HUGE! (future theme development)

In response to a theme-related development request, a WPMUDEV staff member (or maybe the big boss himself?) wrote the following comment:

We’ll have something very special for you soon, it’s pretty huge though so stay with us.

Furthermore, the request was tagged as "In development! Coming soon!". :slight_smile:

This was in March 2012 --> Link

My curiosity was piqued, especially because I have been looking for the best themes to offer to end users for a very long time (see for example these two posts of mine: Parent/childs theme framework vs 133 theme pack. I'm tending towards the framework, are you? or Looking for a pack of themes with same options, same widgets, same back-end menus, same logic ).

I have been following this discussion for 8 months with the hope to learn something new about this project (which seems to be in development since March 2012). Unfortunately, I haven't seen any news about this.

As we have not seen any new WPMUDEV themes in the last months, could you please tell us what is this new project and its current status? Are you working on some kind of theme framework?

I'm asking this not only out of curiosity but this is a strategical and key point that could really change my project in the near future.

Thank you for your answer, congrats and keep up the good work!