Weird Anchor Tag issue

Not sure what is wrong. My URL:
Here is what's happening:
- I have 3 images on the home page that I want to link to their respective galleries
- So on the gallery page, since name anchor tag is deprecated (which I tried doing as well), I added empty div with id tags for anchors <div id="beach"></div> , <div id="pool"></div>, <div id="house"></div>
- Linking to the id from the home page: <a href="/gallery/#beach">, etc. (I also tried full url)
- When it lands on the gallery page, it always lands on the same place. same distance from the top - Not the anchor.
- So it doesnt work properly. Here is where it gets weird. When you're on the gallery page and in the url, you change the anchor to something else, it works.
Ex: if you're on and change #pool to #house it works perfectly!

I've been trying to figure this out for hours and getting really frustrated :slight_frown: Not sure what else to try.