Weird behavior on the support submission form

If I choose Plugin Support here, and then do the "Choose which site" dropdown, but then don't choose a site and click off to the side instead, it takes me away from my submission form, instead showing me a list of discussion forums. To get back to my form, I (apparently) have to click Back on my browser, and then forward. Then I get back to my form where I can proceed again (carefully).

I don't understand what's happening there. Is that a glitch, or a feature that I'm just not properly comprehending? Why would my form disappear like that? Oh wait...I think I just got it, when testing it out once again. The form is a lightbox, and clicking outside of the lightbox closes it, revealing the forums beneath. Not very cool, IMO. And actually this last time, the form was completely empty when i got back to it. Luckily I had copied this text before I tested it, otherwise I would have lots my submission without warning.

Anyway, count me as a vote against that functionality. I shouldn't be able to close out and lose my submission form just by clicking off to the side, especially when it's not at all apparent that it's a lightbox situation (this is the first time I've noticed that, and that was after three tries this particular time). You have a "Close" link, and that's a fine way to offer for closing the form, but accidental closing shouldn't really be possible. Currently it's extremely possible.