Weird Happenings

Hi, I have a few weird things happening on my site. The first is I have a user who has reported that my site is incredibly slow, it seems to be waiting for this: Now I don't have a SSL certificate on the site, I have seen on google that it may have something to do with google+1 (I have this on the blog page) or SEO? I have no idea what may be causing this? My site is:

The second thing, is much stranger. I have two multisites, on different hosting, and different email addresses. One has Buddypress, the other doesn't, both have the support system. Well on the Buddypress one, if I get a PM, I am actually getting an email from the second site to say that I have a support ticket, and when I go in and see, I do have a support ticket, it is from the first site, and it is my PM!

I never set up the support system to email me, I didn't know how, which now seems like something that would be very handy, but would you have any idea why this is happening, and would it be effecting anything else?

Both these sites where on the same hosting, but I moved the second one to its own hosting about two weeks ago for domain mapping, but this has only been happening about a week, I have discovered more support tickets in the second site that are actually PMs I received on the first site!

Thank you!