Weird issue with membership 2 for iphone users with more than one membership

For some reason, users who use an i-phone to access the site are having issues with having more than one subscription. I have protected menu items under "my subscriptions" that sends the user to a landing page for each subscription. For some reason since the update to membership 2, users with i-phones that have more than one subscription can't access all of their subscriptions. The links show in the menu but nothing happens when they click them, they can only access the last subscription they purchased. This does not happen from pc or from android devices, only i-phone. The weird thing about it is if i give them links to each landing page through email, they can click the links from their email and access the landing pages.. It's only affecting protected menus. I have granted access for you guys to look at it!

Steps i have taken to diagnose:
1. Reset permalinks
2. Disabled all other plugins
3. Used default wordpress theme
4. manually removed and re-added subscriptions..