Weird linking issues in Calendar Upcoming widget. Plus wrong template on events page

Hi, I'm having several issues with the Events+ Calendars.

1. In the "Calendar Upcoming" widget, when I click on (for example) "September" or any month/year arrows, it brings me to the event archive page. I'd like it to go to the events page that I created (and populated with shortcuts). Is this possible? (example, I'd like people to go here: NOT here:

2. In the "Calendar Upcoming" widget sidebar, when I click on the left arrow next to "September" it brings me to October. When I click on the right arrow, it brings me to August. In other words... they're switched from what they're supposed to be.

3. The single events page (and the events archive) template both pull the wrong header & sidebar. (my theme allows 2 different headers & several sidebars). I tried all the different options in "Appearance Settings" but none of them was correct. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

4. When I go into an event, for example, there's a weird thick black curved line to the top right. Any thoughts on what that is and/or how to get rid of it? Also, for some reason, the top of this page says "September 24, 2013" and it's hyperlinked. a) NO idea why that would be there, b) when I click on it, I get a "Page Not Found" - Any way to remove that date?