Welcome Pack Redirect URL?

I am using a BuddyPress Add-on called Welcome Pack which I saw referred to on this forum several times as being a good one and I have to say I agree. The only issue now is getting the Start Page to redirect new user logins to their profile page. I see this code in in the welcome-pack-admin.php file:

case 'startpage':
$tab = 'startpage';
$help_text = '<p>' . __( "When a user logs in to your site for the first time, they'll be redirected to this URL. If you want to take them to their user profile, enter <code>USER_URL</code>.", 'dpw' ) . '</p>';

…and I tried entering USER_URL and even <code>USER_URL</code> in the Start Page URL field but both times I get the “Enter A URL!” alert and it won’t take.

Anyone got any info on how to do this?