Welcome page query: multiple levels - multiple instructions

For some reason it's only showing Membership Lite, but I have downloaded and installed Membership premium (and it says so on my wpmudev home page).

I have successfully set up 3 membership levels. However, for each there will be different instructions regarding what to do next. For example, while all will need to register for or be directed to the forum and submit their directory listings, members for each level will require different download link instructions (eg level one should be instructed to download an e-book; level two should be instructed to download both the e-book and a zipped up 'toolbox' folder in pdf format and level three should be instructed to download both of these (ebook and toolbox) PLUS gain instructions on how to access an online system and access an image featuring a 3rd party voucher code and instructions on how to claim it.

As there is only ONE welcome page... how can I set up specific 'what to do next' instructions for each separate level? This is vital.

Please advise. Many thanks